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This week, you are going to discover the process of stuffed toy making – from its design to finish, you will discover the savoir-faire of our teams, one step per day! Follow us on social media so as to not miss out on this beautiful work of craftmanship:

In addition to being interesting, all this goes to show you and also prove that we don’t hide anything from you; all steps are carried out in our workshop in the heart of the Picardy countryside (France) by people who hold their profession to heart and who are happy to keep this profession alive.

The making of a stuffed toy consists of five major steps…

Cutting Fabrics.

To ensure maximum accuracy, all of our fabrics are cut on site with a laser machine.

Embroidering the Face

At Pamplemousse Peluches everything is embroidered! no plastic parts are ever used in our products for the safety of our children


All parts are assembled manually.


It is at this step that the stuffed animal comes to life!


Everything is made by hand to the highest quality.

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